[CIGA Game Jam 2018] World's Masterpiece

Game E

Game Preview Video:

If it is not avaliable, click \[here](https://youtu.be/NFau0jQxJHA) to youtube.

Language: Chinese

Download: Google Drive

Award: China IndiePlay Best Game Jam Game Nominate (top 10 nationwide), 2018

This is the game we completed in 48 hours!

  • Gameplay: Two players control one character at the same time.
  • Art Design: Post-Impressionism graphics with symphony BGM constructs the unique game world.

Remark: That is basically the experimental game. So it is with limited level design to show core concept.

Yintao Xu
Yintao Xu
MSCS Student @ Courant, NYU

A skier, geeker and a gamer :)